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The bed

Unlock your sleep potential.

Hogo System 07 is conceived to enhance your body’s natural ability to regenerate during sleep. It is comprised of an articulated bed frame, mattress and cover, topper,  merino wool blanket and 100% natural latex pillows.

Each part of the system plays an important role in creating the perfect environment for restful sleep.


Our patented technology creates an EMF-free environment recovering the Earth’s natural geoelectric field and eliminating radiation accumulated in the body.

The heart of the system is our silver and graphite mesh, which creates a protective bubble shielding you from external electromagnetic exposure.​ Through our earthing system, radiation is eliminated from the body.

During the installation process, we offer the option of  testing your home for EMF and radio waves to ensure a perfect placement.

Need more info? We will be glad to share more details with you.


All our materials are 100% organic, non-toxic and sustainable.

Our raw materials are free of synthetic products and chemically treated processes and carry the labels that certify their maximum quality and sustainability.

Used in our bed frame, this type of wood is known for its flexibility and resistance. It is harvested from sustainable 100% organic Romanian forests. AA quality treated only with natural oils and processes.  It adapts to the body’s shape, weights and size.

Known for it’s breathability and firmness we use it in our mattress for its ionizing, anti-radiation and anti-moisture properties. It originates in the Amazon and it’s chemical and synthetic-free.

Originates from the trunk of the Hevea tree from the hydrographic Amazonian region. Its density allows it to adapt totally to the body and prevents the appearance of dust mites, mould and bacteria. It is 100% natural and apt for people allergic to latex. Its found in the mattress and pillows.

Found in our patented mesh that lines all our covers, our Spanish silver is one of the best natural conductors. It helps dispose of the radiation accumulated in the body during the day, discharging it through the ground connection. It is also a wonderful bactericide.

The most precious material in our system. It absorbs radiation from the body while isolating us from any emissions. It’s range of action is not limited to direct contact and helps create the protective bubble.  We use it in the protective mesh that covers the mattress and pillows.

A highly breathable fabric. It regulates moisture during sleep. Sourced mostly from organic cotton plantations in Spain and Germany, it is 100% pesticide and chemical free and it is found in all the covers of our sleep system.

Found in our mattress and topper, It’s the only wool in the world that is insulating, thermo regulating and appropriate for people who are allergic to wool and dust mites. Sourced from Merino sheep in Australia and New Zealand, free of herbicides and pesticides.

One of the most exclusive goat wools in the world. Originating in the Tibetan Cashmere goats, it wicks moisture and has isolating qualities and provides extreme comfort and softness to our topper.

An oxygenated environment, free of humidity and dust mites.


Regulates body temperature

100% organic



Each bed is custom-made bearing in mind height, weight and special needs.

An artisanal manufacturing and assembly process of 8 weeks and the scarcity of premium quality materials, limit our production to 240 beds a year.

We’ve got your back.

The articulated bed frame is adjusted individually adapting to your lower back even while you move. It helps elongate the spine by stretching out the vertebrae and reducing tightness in the muscles. It has a head and footrest that can be elevated which helps with blood circulation.


For all your needs.

We adapt Hogo’s unique technology to cribs, yachts and planes.


You deserve to feel your best.

Through our Cient Testing Service we guarantee an improvement in your immunity markers in just 2 months, or money back.*

(*) Optional blood test service conducted by the Complutense University of Madrid. T&Cs apply.

Sleep coach service

Immunity blood test service

30 year warranty

2 month trial

Do you have questions? Request a call back at your convenience.

“My biological age dropped 15 years in 6 months. It’s unbelievable how much my health has improved just by changing my bed.”

Rosa Mª Ortega Pardo,
High Council for Sports, Spain.

“My REM and deep sleep phases have increased and I notice my recovery after a game. The next day I’m at my 100%.”

Ibai Gomez,
Professional Football Player, Athletic Club.

“It acts as an incubator maintaining your body temperature throughout the night. I now sleep soundly and wake up feeling fresh and energised.”

Ana Antic, 
Fashion & Luxury Consultant.

"I feel restored, rejuvenated and more in shape than ever. I can only recommend its use profusely and the earlier the better."

Aldo Olcense,
Economist & entrepreneur. President Fundación Independiente.

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