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Improve your health while you sleep.

The protection your well-being needs.

During sleep, the body works to regenerate, with special emphasis on the immune system. This is why sleeping and resting well is so beneficial to health. HOGO System 07 helps our body to rest more and better, freeing it from everything that does not benefit the rest and taking advantage of the regenerative properties that occur during sleep.

Hogo you can...

Improve body oxygenation and reduce cellular oxidation, delaying the natural ageing process.

Recover the natural geo-electric field, reducing anxiety levels.

Increase melatonin production for cellular regeneration.

Guarantee a moisture-free environment so that the risk of osteoarthritis and rheumatism is reduced.

Improve sleep quality and the number of continuous hours slept at a time.

Improve blood circulation and immune response.

A rest system that's handmade in Spain.

Our craftsmen have joined forces with our sleep experts to create and assemble all the pieces of our rest system, piece by piece, taking care of the smallest of details in our design. An industrious process that delivers a perfect result.


Our handmade production methods and the shortage of the premium raw materials we use only allow us to make a very limited amount of rest systems per year worldwide.

100% Natural

HOGO System 07 is the only rest system that uses only 100% natural and sustainable materials, without chemicals or synthetics products. One more example of our commitment to rest and nature.

Beech wood


The flexibility and resistance of this type of wood makes it the perfect material for our bed base. Our wood is harvested from sustainable 100% organic forests in Romania. It has AA quality and it's treated with natural oils and processes, this wood adapts completely to the shape of the body, and the different weights and measurements of the users.

Coconut fibre



Coming from the Amazon, free of chemicals and synthetic products. We use this fiber in our mattress as it works for rest, offering high breathability, firmness and ventilation, and ionizing, anti-radiation and anti-moisture qualities difficult to achieve in another material.

Merino Wool


Pillow and blanket

One of the most appreciated types of wool in the world for its high performance and features. It is sourced from Merino sheep from Australia and New Zealand and it is naturally processed. It is the only wool in the world that is insulating, thermoregulating and appropriate for people who are allergic to wool and dust mites.




One of the most exclusive goat wools in the world. Originating in the Tibetan Cashmere goats, it wicks moisture and has isolating qualities in addition to its extreme comfort and softness.


Mattress cover

Matters and pillow cover

And from Spain, our most valuable material, it can absorb all our radiation while isolating us from it. Its best feature is that its range of action is not limited by direct contact, since it can also maintain its protective properties in the surrounding area.

Organic cotton

Mattress cover

Mattress cover and topper

This fibre is found in all the covers of our sleep system. As a highly breathable fabric, cotton will help regulate moisture during sleep. Mostly comes from organic cotton plantations in Spain and Germany, it is 100% pesticide- and chemical-free.

Natural latex


Mattress and pillow

The trunk of the Hevea tree from the hydrographic Amazonian region is responsible for producing the 100% natural latex that we use after it is processed in Switzerland. Its density provides us total adaptability to the body and prevents the proliferation of dust mites, mould and bacteria.


Mattress cover

Mattress cover and pillow

Found in our patented mesh, our Spanish silver is one of the best natural conductors ever and it helps eliminate the radiation we accumulate during the day, directing it towards the ground connection. In addition to being a phenomenal conductor, it is also a wonderful bactericide.

A system that adapts to you.

Each of the parts of our rest system have been designed and studied to the very last detail. But there’s something we can’t stop thinking about: your preferences.

We manufacture on demand adapting to the special needs of our customers. Our experts and artisans will be responsible for customizing and adapting our system to your rest needs.