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The story behind finding the perfect sleep system.


30 year innovating for a perfect sleep.

HOGO was born in 1990 with a clear goal in mind: to create the ideal sleeping ecosystem. The result is a rest system that favours rest and helps you fall asleep while improving your body’s regenerative processes during sleep, in other words; “Rest better. Live more”.

The protection your well-being needs.


The hyperconnected world we are living in puts us in constant contact with emissions that damage sleep and rest. The question of how to relieve our bodies from these emissions was our experts’ starting point. After many years of research, they created the first system that helps the body isolate itself, unload, and regenerate. This is how HOGO System 07 was born.


Thanks to our patented technology, HOGO System 07, we create a bubble that, on the one hand, protects our body from emissions and, on the other, eliminates the electromagnetic pollution that we accumulate during the day. Thus, we achieve a perfect environment, free of radiation, which allows us to rest more and better.

Your rest, our commitment.

After over 30 years, we have innovated to create the perfect rest, developing a system that will improve sleep, contributing to improve the natural benefits of sleep such as boosting the immune system, reducing basal cortisol levels and producing melatonin.

This lengthy research has been scientifically proven by different external specialists from the best universities and is included in different scientific articles that have been published in international journals.

Complutense University of Madrid


Chair of Physiology

Department of Genetics, Physiology and Microbiology

“The results show that the rest achieved thanks to the HOGO System results in a significant rejuvenation of the biological age and an improvement in overall health. This can result in better life expectancy and increased health.”

University of Granada

Dr. Darío Acuña Castroviejo

Chair of Physiology


“It induces an increase of endogenous antioxidant defences by significantly reducing oxidative and nitrosative damage. It efficiently helps repair the body and increases night-time melatonin production. It not only improves rest, but also favours higher activity and concentration during the day, healthier ageing, and the prevention of age-related disease.”

Science is our best guarantee.